According to my abuser, I’m bat-shit crazy, Bi-Polar, bible-thumping and I’m the perpetrator! I will not allow my abuser to define me with his lies. The photo above is an actual text I had received from him blaming me for his physical violence because I was “Bad” and he just took it all of the years we were together, so I apparently did something to “push him”.

Of course, it had to be non-identifying so I can’t get in trouble. The full text shows exactly who is texting and his phone number so there is no way to lie out of this one.

There is a predator that lives among us in this small town of ours.  I am not his first. I am one voice out of a long line of women he has abused throughout his life.

Still, don’t believe me? Ask some of his other victims…oh you can’t they moved out of state to flee!  Talk to his youngest victim, the one that he abused after me. Another small voice in the darkness.  Chat with my witness,  my ex-boyfriend and best of all ask the country Doctor, they will all tell you he’s full of shit!

He is a Covert Narcissist who hides behind lies and acts like the victim not only because he loves the attention, this is his modus operandi, to hide who he truly is.   When you question his authenticity, you will find out how it feels to be his target.

I have survived an insurmountable arsenal of abusive tactics that I have never seen before. It has changed me forever. The shame of what happened is not mine to carry. I am the revolution he never expected. I am stronger than he ever thought I could be! I have witnessed the horror at the hands of pure evil!

I am not alone, I stand with an army of survivors. A strong and united front against any type of abuse. I have blossomed into an advocate to alleviate the pain and suffering of others who are struggling with the aftermath of emotional and physical violence. Now I am the storm to be reckoned with, I will not be silenced! I am the aftermath, the uprising, the rebel that won’t be tamed. I am the survivor that he never expected to rise from the ruins!