It appears we live in a world where people with psychopathy are the ones telling us we are worthless and shaming us into submission.  This group holds no accountability, does not feel embarrassment for what they do nor empathy for their human counterparts.  Here are some gut-wrenching true stories from the voice’s of survivors.


I was in my truck hauling my horse trailer with three horses loaded up for transport.  I was on the busy highway when the truck began to smoke.  I knew I was in trouble!  It was a hot summer day and the turbo went in my diesel, so nothing worked! 

I had popped the hood and looked up just in time to see my fiancé look at me as he was driving by.  Thinking he would turn around I waited by the side of the highway for about 20 minutes.  I called him to enlist his help and he told me I was a big girl, I could figure it out, he had things to do!  I began to panic as tears filled my eyes.  How could he act like this?  I wasn’t worried for myself as much as I was the horses! 

I had to recruit a friend and a tow truck to get the truck and horses to shade and water at the nearest rest area.  After this feat was completed my fiancé called asking me how I was and if I was able to get things taken care of.  I shut off my phone thinking if he wasn’t concerned when he saw my predicament, he didn’t deserve to know the outcome!


I come from a community that helps one another.  My father had ingrained this deeply within all of us kids while we were growing up.  I had a friend who would on occasion borrow things that he needed and he would call me for help with small things, I considered him a good guy. He said he would reciprocate the same for me if I needed anything. 

One afternoon I found myself on a path deep in the woods enjoying the outdoors when the unimaginable happened!  I was bucked off my horse and left laying on the ground barely able to move.  The worst part about this is when I grasped my phone to call for help, I found the cell service was cutting in and out on me.  I knew I couldn’t call emergency services because they wouldn’t have been unable to find me. When I was finally able to sparsely connect, I called my friend and over a few calls was able to tell him I needed help!  My friends reply was he was too busy! 

I then began the grueling task of finding another signal and was able to contact another friend and tell her where I was located.  She called emergency and came to the ranch immediately getting on her horse to find me.  My injuries were so bad that I had to be life flighted to the hospital.  I had injured my neck and back.  I was left dumbfounded that a friend whom I thought was a decent human being would leave me in such a predicament!  It’s amazing how one encounter will change your life and the way you look at others in the future.


My mother had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer almost a year previous.  I had gotten the urgent call from dad that I needed to get to their home quickly because mom was dying.  It was a 9-hour journey for me as I packed my things the previous night and headed out the next afternoon.

I had not quite made the bend when the van started sputtering and I nervously pulled off to the side of the road.  The van wouldn’t start, and worry turned to all-out fear.  I called my boyfriend whom I had been in a 5-year relationship with, told him what happened and that I was stuck, what should I do?  His reply “I don’t know what to tell you, I’m at work and you’re an hour and a half away, call your son”. 

I ended up waiting 4 hours in the pub across the street with other patrons eating their dinner.  I was lucky that a retired cop sat down next to me.  He called the station to make sure my boyfriends’ van wasn’t tagged.  He contacted a tow company and had the van towed to a local mechanics garage where it was fixed.  My boyfriend was angry over the bill and that he had to make plans with his brother to pick up the van.  In the meantime, my oldest son picked me up and the next day we made it to mom’s bedside.

If these stories sound familiar, you’re not alone! We have been there and realize how horribly we were treated. At the time we didn’t know what we were dealing with but soon after the doors of recovery and healing opened up we were able to identify them as Narcopaths! These are people with not only Narcissistic Personality Disorder but the Dark Triads of the group that also have Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

Come across one of these monsters you will never look at the world in the same way!