In this story I will use the name Kenny for my ex, the name Bobby for the man who hit him and the name Rose for the woman that was violently beaten.  Little did I know all of this took place just a few months before I met Kenny!

As I packed the remainder of the now ex’s possessions I found evidence of one lie after another in the paperwork he had saved over the years.  Kenny had claimed his license was suspended due to identity theft.  He alleged he didn’t live out of state at the time.  As I held his tax returns in my hands the date of his W-2’s told a different story.  I came across paperwork from our District Magistrates office with previous charges and other court documents.  A hodge podge of events collected over a noticeably short period of time that you could use to write his life story.  It reminded me of the things he told me about over the years and now all of it would be brought into question.

When we first started dating I noticed people pulling him aside.  I would hear them say that they wanted the truth about what happened with Bobby.  I became curious so I asked what was going on.  Kenny had spun such a cunning narrative that I believed him, but there was something about it that left me feeling uneasy.  I later talked to his parents because I was concerned.  I asked them if they knew anything about the incident.

His parents seemed stunned as they looked at one another telling me they really didn’t know anything about it.  They may have not known the details of this incident, but they knew their son was violent and had numerous run ins with the police.  They were hiding a secret too.  Never could I have imagined the man I was in a relationship with would be capable of such a heinous act of violence as a mere 14-year-old!   He would become so enraged that he waited outside the bedroom door for his brother to exit aiming his granddads shot gun in the open space of the upstairs hallway!  Instead his brother’s girlfriend exited first.  Kenny’s father would be the one who talked her father out of pressing charges! 

Many of these stories came directly from Kenny as we sat on the sofa one evening during the hoover, while he was still trying to convince me that the violent attack he had committed against me was my fault.  I was just trying to understand where all of this was coming from.  It was in these conversations that I found out Kenny had a very long history of violence and dangerous behavior. This was a man that I thought I could trust until early one afternoon I was kept from exiting my home and assaulted.  Things just snowballed from there and I was introduced to a world no one should ever experience!

It was early in the relationship and we were going through some of the pictures he had on his laptop. Some were of injuries he had suffered from when ashtrays were being thrown at him during his time as a barkeep and bouncer.  Kenny asked me to feel under his eye as I gently traced the metal plate with my finger that had been screwed in to hold his orbital bone in place.  I am intrigued as he tells me he was sitting at the bar having lunch and this guy comes up and punches him in the face.  The crowd holds Kenny back and police are called. 

“Why would this guy do this” I asked?  Kenny replied, “It was over some girl I liked”.  As the story unfolds I didn’t even question many of the things he was saying.  Afterall he was humble, gentle, and even shy at times.  He was kind and someone that would never put his hands on a woman.

It wasn’t until much later that I would find out the narrative Kenny started was so explosive that people in three counties took sides.  Bobby was a friend to most and facing an 18-month jail stint for punching Kenny in the face but here is so much more to the story that hasn’t been told!  Bobby was brought into a smear campaign to ensure Kenny was never held accountable for the horrible attack he perpetrated against Rose. Bobby and Rose had also been living together at the time so it isn’t surprising that Kenny would target Bobby.

A barmaid at a local tavern made sure to tell me that Rose had come into the bar the night in question and she had bruises all over her, “but they looked old” she bellowed loudly in a course voice.  I also recall one of his friends telling me that Kenny was such a good guy, he was down on his luck and he just needed someone to give him a chance.  Well, I happened to be that someone!  I didn’t know I was being triangulated at the time by his enablers. 

This is the true story of what happened between Kenny and Rose on that fateful night.

Both Kenny and Rose had been drinking.  They were driving down a dark country road when and argument ensued.  At some point they both exited Kenny’s vehicle.  Rose became fearful as she was being pushed around and tried to call for help.  Kenny grabbed her phone and threw it onto the street breaking it into pieces.  At the end of Kenny’s violent tirade, he would push Rose with such force that she slid across the pavement leaving a burn on her hip and thigh.  Kenny then got into his vehicle and left her in darkness on the side of the road!

Rose got herself to the closest tavern trying to find help.  This is when she told the barmaid what had happened showing her the bruises she sustained from Kenny.  She found a ride to her father’s house and this is where all hell breaks loose.

As Rose walked into the back yard her father was with four of his friends.  One of whom was Bobby.  When her father saw her injuries, he was out for blood!  Rose didn’t even have to show him anything, he could see the black bruising around her neck where she had been strangled, and he knew right away what kind of man Kenny was!  Her father wanted a firearm because he was going to kill Kenny that night!  The men at the house tried their best to settle him down.  This is when Bobby spoke up telling all that were present that he would take care of Kenny. 

Little did Bobby know Kenny was already covering his tracks.  Kenny was telling everyone that same night that the bruises weren’t from him, they were from Bobby beating Rose with a beer bottle the night before.

Kenny made it a point to tell me he had replaced Rose’s phone making himself sound like the hero.  Afterall in Kenny’s narrative Rose had been attacking him, so he had to do something to subdue her.  Rose left town shortly after never pressing charges and Bobby was facing some serious jail time.

In the newly discovered paperwork Bobby was found guilty, went to jail, and was left with an enormous fine of 21,000 dollars.  Kenny wasn’t charged with anything. Instead he was inundated with well wishers and all sorts of sympathy.

This story is awfully similar to the smear campaign I went through.  Kenny must spring into action because he is being attacked.  I recall a story he told of a live-in girlfriend and how he was so tired of being taken out of the house by police after he was the one being abused.  I also recollect how he pulled out of that state so quick that even the mother of his only child couldn’t figure it out.  He left quickly because there was a protection order and a witness. Kenny had to run a smear campaign against her too so no one would find out the truth.

About three years into our relationship Kenny’s world seemed to be rocked when he began receiving text messages that Rose was in town.  His flying monkeys seemed to be everywhere telling him where she was and who she was with.  Still being naïve to Narcissistic Abuse I had no idea the seriousness of it all until I had to go through it myself. 

In the end I made sure Rose’s father knew she was being stalked and was in danger anytime she was in town.  I am also writing this story so Bobby gets some sort of vindication. 

It is unfair that so many people are affected by these monsters and their deceitful narratives.  It definitely changes the path of those who survive as their lives are uprooted and invaded by what seems in the end to be the devil himself.