It has been a remarkably busy year for Angelina! I guess her ex-fiancé Bryan feels he has nothing more to lose! No life experiences could have ever prepared Angelina, me, or the detective for what was coming next! It seemed as if we were continually walking through the minefield of a psychopath’s darkened imagination.

Narcissistic rage when met with the repercussion of punishment can be excruciating for survivors. The narcissist doesn’t feel they have done anything wrong and therefore they refuse any and all accountability because in their mind everything they do is justifiable! I can’t imagine feeling vindication while hiding like a coward with a rifle trying to murder someone, I don’t care how you spin it! But this is exactly what happened. We all know about narcissistic blame-shifting and even when caught red-handed it is still all Angelina’s fault! Would you ever think of jumping on the bandwagon to support someone who would do this? You may be surprised at how many people did.

Survivors call them flying monkeys and they are just as disturbed, chaotic, and capable of the same offenses caused by the original perpetrator. Make no mistake, these people are part of a harem supporting and protecting the darkest narcissists in the group! They are put in place to invalidate what you have been through and use many of the tactics your perpetrator used on you over the months or years you were with them. The people in the harem are not necessarily liked by the narcissist and many times they don’t know the victim, but the harem serves a purpose and that is to abuse the victim further.

To support someone who is an attempted murderer can’t be easy. When the homicidal ideations kick in you might want to reassess your position. There must be something going off in one’s brain begging the question will I be next? After all, Bryan has numerous protection order violations that will add more time to his already 12 year prison stint to fantasize about murdering you as his intended target for failing to get the job done! Make no mistake, your name is on the list!

Since going no-contact Angelina has been stalked by strangers both physically and on social media. Angelina’s ex-fiancé Bryan was able to enlist a woman to send one of his jailhouse letters to her home. Her identity was revealed once law enforcement ran the fingerprints from the envelope. This woman had a criminal history and when she was brought in for questioning she spilled the beans!

We could never understand how Bryan had found Angelina in the grocery store parking lot that day as our concern grew for her safety. Bryan had enlisted this woman to stalk and report Angelina’s whereabouts back to him after Angelina had gone no-contact. Angelina ending up being assaulted by Bryan because of this. The woman was charged with harassment and aiding with intent to harm. She is now on probation, was fined, and is ordered to do community service. Hopefully, she will think twice before she agrees to become involved in a sinister plot against another human being!

Next up was a man from the UK, Bryan’s home country. A slimy fellow who is part of a motorcycle gang that Bryan had supported. He visited Bryan in prison and Detectives found this visit suspicious and began trying to track this fellow down. There was no paper trail as the man was now a ghost which concerned them even more. In the meantime, Detectives showed up at Angelina’s home with photos telling her they thought this man was a threat and she could possibly be in danger. For almost 3 months Angelina had armed guards surrounding her property. She mostly stayed in her home and when she did go anywhere she was never alone. They finally tracked the guy down at the airport as he was trying to leave the country. I am confident they made sure to impress upon him not to get involved again!

On August 28th of this year, I received a phone call from a man, he asked who I was and to me, that is a safety concern. Without telling him my name, he continued to explain that he was Angelina’s fiancé and he was going through the numbers on his phone and there were a lot of calls placed to my home. He felt the need to contact me with the information that Angelina had died of Covid-19 just three days previously. My reply was that Angelina’s fiancé’s name wasn’t his and I just talked to her the other day. I called him a liar and hung up. The worse part about this is I now knew Angelina’s cell phone was compromised! The best part is this idiot didn’t even try to hide his identity as his full name and number were now on my caller ID!

Angelina reached out to the detective once again who was outraged that this was happening! We had no idea at the time the numerous amount of people he had contacted on her phone list but luckily for safety reasons she never entered the names of her friends on her phone. Angelina had briefly dated this man years previous and things didn’t go well. He was the kind of guy that felt entitled to treat people around him horribly. Angelina was always left embarrassed by his interactions with others and got tired of apologizing for his misconduct.

Angelina warned the detective what she would be up against when she tried to interview him and sure enough it happened! The guy was so outrageous he had to be handcuffed to the table where he was left for a few hours until he was more gentlemanly and willing to cooperate. Again, even more detail came out in the interview that we ever could have imagined.

Angelina’s ex Bryan with the help of his sister decided to enlist him as a flying monkey to gather intel on Angelina! This man already had an ex-wife that had charged him with stalking and harassment. but here is the twist, we couldn’t figure out how this man had gotten my phone number. I had only been talking to Angelina for a short time before she went no-contact with Bryan so he nor his sister would have my number! Well, this fellow is incredibly good at stalking because he had admitted to the detective that he had been standing behind Angelina when she was putting the password into her phone approximately 8 years previous! When Bryan and his sister had gotten a hold of this guy, he went to visit Bryan in prison. It didn’t take long for the three of them conjured up yet another plan and put it into action.

During the interview, this fellow told the detective that he thought Bryan was a nice guy…..this is when the detective reminded him why Bryan was in prison! This new guy has now been charged with stalking and harassment and Bryan has another PFA violation!

When will this all end? I am sure many of you have screamed the same words wondering what is next. Living a day to day nightmare, afraid to pick up the phone, to leave your homes, and watching cars with a heightened sense of awareness. It is so difficult spending every moment in a hypervigilant state and finally, when you do let down your guard, it happens! You’re knocked off balance again and again because they want you to remember who you are dealing with. The ultimate serial predator who never stops!

Best Wishes, Angelina and Kim